I shudder to call myself an artist. I don't dress weird. I don't dye my hair, don't have any peircings, no glasses, and no tatoos either. I'm not weird for the sake of being weird. The one thing I hate: My own mediocrity.

Bios tend to get a little narcissitic. And, sadly, I can't deny that I myself have fallen prey to self-glorifying-facebook ego mania. So here are a collection of facts about myself. Just the facts.

1. My real name is not Wolfgang Reich.
2. I earn my living as a professional pianist. Thus the pen name.
3. I have a bright red beard.
4. I am still doing continuing education, and feel like I will be for the rest of my life.
5. I, often times, feel like a loser.
6. I enjoy strong coffee more than most people I know.
7. I have been drawing and sketching since my age of rememberance.
8. I, often times, feel like a real winner.
9. I hate the era I live in.
10. I am a Bill Evans fanatic. Look him up if you're confused.
11. I grew up in a holy roller church.
12. I don't have any care for religion, but I can talk the language with current cult members.
13. I am a respecter of all music before 1940. Well, mostly.
14. I don't like trends.
15. I do like Starbuck's.
16. I think Beethoven is worthy of worship. Not young faux-musicians, who wear horn-rimmed glasses and skinny jeans.
17. I seem to prefer things that others have little use for.
18. If others were to begin liking the things I prefer, I would cease to like them I think.
19. The "young" art community today is a joke.
20. The "Old" art community today is a joke.