This blog is really just an effort to get better. A daily discipline for improvement in my own illustration. So, my leather bound sketch book and I are sharing ourselves with you. And, as sketchbooks go, about twenty percent of their content is good, the other eighty percent is horse pie.

It seems that a lot of art bloggers appear to be mortal-gods of the pencil. However, if one were to glimpse in their waste basket, one would find crumpled up paper with sloppy work on it. If I were to only put up my "good sketches" on this blog, I feel that some of the fascinating aspects of a "sketchbook" would be lost. The very thing I, personally, love about sketchbooks it their high degree of honesty.

Therefore, I vow to share my good work, my bad work, and my bad bad bad work. That is, all work that is found in my far-too-expensive sketchbook. And though it is at times embarassing to let you see my waste piles, I must remember that sketchbooks are not works of art, but evidence of a practice space.

I could banter on about wanting to truly "see" accurately. I could write miles of philosophical text about wanting to "understand" the world around me in a deeper way by the practice of sketching. But I am not very good at the nebulus abstractive. And there are many better artists than myself.

So the bottom line of this blog is: I am aiming to stay disciplined in my sketching. I need an online place to dump all my ink and pencil hokum.

In other words, since few people will ever find this blog, and because my work is less than exceptional, this blog is almost entirely for me.

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