Why On Earth Would You Want to Get In Touch With Me?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

If you must get in touch with me, then I'm guess you are a Nigerian Prince(ss), someone who is trying to increase traffic to my site (out of the kindness of your heart, I'm sure.), or someone who is just a touch "off."

So here is the one and only e-mail I shall give unto thee. Use it wisely, because I rarely check this adress.

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My Bio, As if it Really Matters

I shudder to call myself an artist. I don't dress weird. I don't dye my hair, don't have any peircings, no glasses, and no tatoos either. I'm not weird for the sake of being weird. The one thing I hate: My own mediocrity.

Bios tend to get a little narcissitic. And, sadly, I can't deny that I myself have fallen prey to self-glorifying-facebook ego mania. So here are a collection of facts about myself. Just the facts.

1. My real name is not Wolfgang Reich.
2. I earn my living as a professional pianist. Thus the pen name.
3. I have a bright red beard.
4. I am still doing continuing education, and feel like I will be for the rest of my life.
5. I, often times, feel like a loser.
6. I enjoy strong coffee more than most people I know.
7. I have been drawing and sketching since my age of rememberance.
8. I, often times, feel like a real winner.
9. I hate the era I live in.
10. I am a Bill Evans fanatic. Look him up if you're confused.
11. I grew up in a holy roller church.
12. I don't have any care for religion, but I can talk the language with current cult members.
13. I am a respecter of all music before 1940. Well, mostly.
14. I don't like trends.
15. I do like Starbuck's.
16. I think Beethoven is worthy of worship. Not young faux-musicians, who wear horn-rimmed glasses and skinny jeans.
17. I seem to prefer things that others have little use for.
18. If others were to begin liking the things I prefer, I would cease to like them I think.
19. The "young" art community today is a joke.
20. The "Old" art community today is a joke.

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About This Blog

This blog is really just an effort to get better. A daily discipline for improvement in my own illustration. So, my leather bound sketch book and I are sharing ourselves with you. And, as sketchbooks go, about twenty percent of their content is good, the other eighty percent is horse pie.

It seems that a lot of art bloggers appear to be mortal-gods of the pencil. However, if one were to glimpse in their waste basket, one would find crumpled up paper with sloppy work on it. If I were to only put up my "good sketches" on this blog, I feel that some of the fascinating aspects of a "sketchbook" would be lost. The very thing I, personally, love about sketchbooks it their high degree of honesty.

Therefore, I vow to share my good work, my bad work, and my bad bad bad work. That is, all work that is found in my far-too-expensive sketchbook. And though it is at times embarassing to let you see my waste piles, I must remember that sketchbooks are not works of art, but evidence of a practice space.

I could banter on about wanting to truly "see" accurately. I could write miles of philosophical text about wanting to "understand" the world around me in a deeper way by the practice of sketching. But I am not very good at the nebulus abstractive. And there are many better artists than myself.

So the bottom line of this blog is: I am aiming to stay disciplined in my sketching. I need an online place to dump all my ink and pencil hokum.

In other words, since few people will ever find this blog, and because my work is less than exceptional, this blog is almost entirely for me.

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Monday, March 8, 2010

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